What Is It?

Designed expressly for law practices, Lexservo is the most secure Cloud Hosted Desktop available anywhere. With 24/7/365 US-based, live person support-desk operations, Lexservo combines world-class security with white-glove service, delivering the highest possible level of attention to the safeguarding of critical Information Technology assets. With Lexservo your practice is well-protected both from malicious attacks on the outside and unauthorized or negligent activities within.

Why Lexservo?

The written document is the cornerstone of the practice of law. Be it drafts, contracts, privileged communications, matter-specific memoranda or accounting records, these artifacts are the heartbeat of the legal endeavor. Maintaining their integrity, security, confidentiality and privacy is of paramount importance. Moreover, as the practice itself has become greatly computerized, access to office networks, servers, desktops, peripherals and mobile devices must also be highly secured and well managed.

The threats facing Information Technology assets are legion: Hackers, Commercial and Industrial Espionage, Disgruntled Employees, Departing Practice Stakeholders, Viruses, Malware, Worms, Phishing, Spam, Data and Code Injection, Denial of Service Attacks, Clickjacking, the list goes on and on. The list of the requisite defensive componentry can be just as long: Firewalls, Encryption, Anti-Virus, User Authentication, Privilege Management, Event Monitoring, Intrusion Detection, Secure Storage, Physical Safeguards, Backups, Off-site Storage and Archiving, Disaster Recovery, Alerts, all of which comes at a high maintenance and daily management cost, as well as significant recurring capital outlays. And, to further complicate matters, all of these efforts and expenditures are for naught if they can't fully support compliance with the myriad legislative and regulatory requirements, including HIPAA, HI-TECH, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, and the Consumer Financial Protection Act (CFPA).

Lexservo offers a single-source, all-inclusive, one-stop solution, defending against all aforementioned threats, hazards, and related liability exposures.

Who are we?

In its twentieth year of operations, BizCom Web Services is a premier provider of secure, regulatory-compliant and well-defended Cloud services. Renowned for its high-touch customer service and support, BizCom delivers unparalleled value and peace-of-mind to thousands of end users. White-glove support, superb attention to its clients' needs, and world-class technical proficiency are but a few of BizCom's many competitive differentiators.


There are many benefits to subscribing to the LEXSERVO Secure Cloud Desktop, some of which are:


Lexservo is the single location for all of your practice's office productivity, document management, practice management software, and accounting application needs, and with the best security to boot!


Out-of-the-box compliance with HIPAA, HI-TECH, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, and the CFPA. With Lexservo, your clients can rest assured that your firm will meet or exceed its fiduciary responsibility for handling Protected Health Information (PHI) and Protected Personal Information (PPI).


Lexservo's proficient, certified personnel monitor your environment for any adverse events or malfunctions, take immediate appropriate corrective measures, and report back to you on a regular basis. We got your back!


Multiple layers of protection, managed on-premises firewalls, and the highest levels of data center security, all combine for a resilient environment safeguarding your data and IT operations.


Unfortunately, not all attacks and breaches originate from the outside. Lexservo is the only Cloud Hosted Desktop with active data access monitoring software, defending your practice from unauthorized and negligent privileged users within.


Implementing Lexservo greatly reduces IT costs and makes them predictable, converting a financial risk into a true competitive advantage for your firm. With all that's included, we give you the biggest bang for your buck!


Lexservo indemnifies you against data-breach liabilities. In fact, we are so certain of Lexservo's locked-down security, we will add your firm as a named beneficiary on our corporate insurance policy.


Lexservo defends you in the cloud and on-premises: Each subscription includes back-up and recovery services, an on-site installed powerful Dell firewall, and an optional Lexservo Safe™ data appliance, securing all of your data assets.


All hours of the day, every day of the year: Lexservo's dedicated live-person support team is here for you, with white-glove service encompassing virtually all aspects of your data and cloud operations, 24/7/365 (366 on leap years).

Customer References

There is no praise as meaningful and endorsement as strong as that of a satisfied customer. We are proud of our customers' testimonials and honored by their trust.

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    Louis P.


    "With Lexservo's Secure Cloud Desktop our practice operates smoothly and efficiently. We have immediate access to our software applications and data, and no longer have to be constantly upgrading hardware and software ourselves. They take great care of backups and security, so our client's information is well-protected." (Fried Porter, LLP, Bingham Farms, MI)

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    Lynnea K.

    Office Manager

    "Lexservo provides us with excellent, responsive services in a friendly, professional manner. I am glad to recommend them to our attorney colleagues." (Jacob & Weingarten, PC, Southfield, MI)

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    Walter T.


    "As a busy attorney I prefer to spend my time practicing law, not managing our office IT resources. Lexservo does a great job of looking over our data operations, so we can focus on what's really important to us, our clients." (Tenney & Tenney, LLP, Raleigh, NC)

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    Keith S.


    "I am pleased to recommend Lexservo's Information Technology services. They are most helpful in taking care of our data needs. They are always courteous and responsive, and are available at all hours." (Satisky & Silverstein, LLP, Raleigh, NC)


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